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Flight training from A to Z...

In order to become a professional pilot, you will have to go through a long and demanding training. It will be demanding on both you and your wallet. However, the subsequent benefit for you will be literally fantastic if you like flying. First of all, we recommend to thoroughly check your health status. You will receive a Medical Certificate, and we will be happy to train you and make you an airman.

Do you want to check if you could sit in the pilot's seat as a responsible pilot? Do not hesitate to contact a professional in the field of aviation medicine:

We provide PPL training, then CPL, and/or integrated ATPL training even for complete beginners. Last but not least, Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT). The UPRT basic exercise is included of all integrated CPL, ATPL and MPL training courses. (Advanced) "Advanced UPRT course" includes 5 hours of theoretical instruction and 3 hours of flight instruction in dual control in an aircraft with the aim of increasing the student's resilience to the psychological and physiological aspects associated with aerodynamically disturbed flight conditions. UPRT related to a class or type during class or type rating training where we deal with the specifics of the class or type of aircraft in question.

We have over 30 years of experience and we work exclusively with professionals at a high professional and human level. Most AIR VIP instructors has valuable experience from aviation practice in the Czech Republic, Europe, Asia, but and the Pacific region, including the so-called "ETOPS" flights across the ocean. Experience in aerial acrobatics is also useful. The pilot will gain significantly more control over the aircraft in unusually bad weather conditions and situations. That's why he doesn't let anything take him by surprise.

Don't hesitate and contact us for closer consultation! The initial consultation is of course free.

Our specialization is type training for obtaining a pilot's certificate of a modern turboprop ATR42/72 - 600 Glass Cockpit.

AIR VIP, s.r.o.