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Part of our team comes from the countries of the former Yugoslavia. Our experience and knowledge are therefore completely irreplaceable. In case of serious interest, we fly not only to Croatia with our clients as guides. We are preparing interesting, exclusive trips to get to know and take a vacation not only in Croatia. It is suitable to travel already in May. You can book hotels yourself. Or we will help you with accommodation. The decision is only up to you. We will arrange the tickets for you. We will also be happy to make your trip to Croatia a pleasant one. We can do it. However, most of you travel to Croatia by car. For trips by car, we recommend and offer the town of Rovinj.

Register with us. You are not committing to anything. After registration, we will contact you ourselves at most once. We search for you and ensure the best flight tickets and accommodation not only in Croatia. In addition, we provide travel insurance. Everything in accordance with the individual needs and demands of you, our clients. Don't hesitate to contact us! The sooner you do it, the more beneficial it will be for you. Don't doubt it at all!

Accommodation in Rovinj, water sports, trips by boats, land and air transportation.

Dolphin trips, entertainment, exploration transfers. Private or corporate trips on request.

Rovinj, originally fishing town, is one of the leading destinations on the Istria Peninsula in Croatia.

Rovinj is a destination that will not be forgotten. Evening streets, sights, bars, restaurants, entertainment. Childrens are also considered.


From budget accommodation in our private apartments for 4 to 8 people to up to superior accommodation. The owner is also the operator.

Ideally designed for 4 adults and or 4 adults plus 2 children under 12. You can cook yourself if you wish. The self-service store is less than 1 minute away from the house. And or you can visit a nearby restaurant or bar literally around the corner. Sea 8-9 minutes walk. The operator also provides transportation from/to the airport. Tel.: +385 91 55 55 935, and WhatsApp.

In case you are interested in traveling to this destination by small private plane, pick up from the nearest airport in Vrsar and back to the airport We will arrange Vrsar for you, and/or call the above mentioned contact and make arrangements yourself.


Modern villa with all facilities for 6-7 people. Sea 6-7 minutes walk.

Apartment in an alley two minutes to the center:

We offer 50% discounts to children under 12 y.o.


Sailing to the Lim Bay with a stop to visit a pirate hideout and or swim, cruise including refreshments. You can choose chicken steak or fish, and coleslaw.

15-20 minutes to beach with attractions (pedal boats, jet skis, windsurfing, obstacle course at sea) in the Crveni otok (Red Island) resort.

Where is Rovinj located?

Rovinj is located on the Istrian Peninsula between Vrsar and Pula. 29km along the road from Vrsar, 37km from Pula.

How to get to Rovinj?

By car from Prague via the shortest route through Austria and Slovenia. See orientation map:

Alternatively, from Czech Republic, there is the possibility of flying a small private non-commercial plane to Vrsar. It is above all a great experience. The flight itself is only and only at cost. However, we fly for uncompromising compliance with the rules for air traffic. We are uncompromising in this respect, which can ultimately make the flight more expensive. We never fly in non-flying weather!

Rovinj can also be reached by a classic airline via Pula airport.

Air connections after proper verification of your identity and following our rules, you can search, book and buy yourself online. The IATA abbreviation for finding a connection is "PUY". Or rather leave it to us. We will be happy to help you with everything.


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