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Our team in the Philippines worked. We lived there for two years. Our experience is therefore irreplaceable. In case of serious interest, we fly not only to the Philippines with our clients as guides. This is mostly the case with groups of more than 9 travelers. We are preparing interesting, exclusive trips for discovery. You can book hotels yourself, or we can help you with accommodation. The decision is only yours. In any case, we will offer you to secure the tickets. We will recommend and ensure the selection of a suitable carrier for your trip to the Philippines according to your needs and requirements. We can do it, we have the necessary experience.

Register with us. This does not commit you to anything. After registration, we will contact you ourselves at most once, unless you request otherwise. TICKETS ONLINEWe provide travel insurance. Everything in accordance with the individual needs and demands of you, our customers. Do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp services, and or stop by us. The sooner you do it, the more beneficial it will be for you. Don't doubt it at all!

How do you get to the Philippines?

We recommend that you contact us with a request for booking tickets. However, you can still search for, book and buy your flight online after properly verifying your identity and complying with our rules. See below.



The journey from Prague, Czech Republic or Wien, Austria to Philippines by airline takes approximately 18 hours and has at least one transfer. That is, unless you choose to fly by private plane, which takes approximately 12 hours without a stopover. However, the subsequent experiences are undoubtedly worth it!